Managing the Unexpected

High Reliability develops an organization’s strengths through individual actions.
Shared attitudes fill the gap between organization and the individual to determine High Reliability.

Models of HRO

HRO Model Overview | Perrow/Complex OrganizationsMercer/Naval Aviation | High Reliability OrganizationsRoberts & Libuser/Organizational Psychology | Weick and Sutcliffe/Social Psychology | Slagmolen/Change | van Stralen/Neuropsychology | HRO & Normal Accident Theory

Mercer/Naval Aviation

The development of HRO from US Naval Aviation


Combat Aviation (Korean War Veteran as first Captain)

Squadron Commander

Ship Captain

Nuclear Propulsion (Rickover, write on him as first and second person)

USS Carl Vinson

Subic Bay, Mt. Pinatubo

Naval Postgraduate School

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