Managing the Unexpected

High Reliability develops an organization’s strengths through individual actions.
Shared attitudes fill the gap between organization and the individual to determine High Reliability.

Strategic Reliability, LLC:
Mission Statement

To strengthen organizations which operate in uncertain or risky environments with multiple actors, difficult regulations, and highly dynamic markets. This best occurs through development of leaders within the organization who model the attitudes necessary for High Reliability and includes the process of selecting, organizing, training, and motivating people toward highly reliable performance and team operations.

Strategic Reliability, LLC accomplishes its mission by teaching how to reason with imperfect information and how to recover from the situational cognitive distortions. We provide training and workshops to develop strength, agility, and resilience for work in uncertain or risky environments

We assist in translating the organization’s existing culture to proven methods adapted from the best of the US Navy aircraft carrier and naval flight operations (engineering, damage control, navigation, and ship's operation), structure and wildland fire (development of organizational strengths by leading groups in operational risk management, risk recognition, goal identification, and support of the responder and those affected by the crisis), and EMS (meeting demands and expectations in the austere, time-dependent environment with limited resources). Our members have decades of experience in HRO operations and creating HROs.

Frequently Asked Questions for Strategic Reliability, LLC

Do you provide consulting?
No, we do not provide consulting though we have several consulting firms we can refer you to. Consultants may serve as experts to diagnose your situation and prescribe an intervention. They may not assist you in the application of their recommendation. Other consultants may bring knowledge the organization does not have and/or is needed for a specific project or on a temporary basis. We work closely with the consultants from Apollo 13 Consulting.

What is High Reliability education and training?
We are educators and leaders with experience developing High Reliability Organizations through support of individuals. These individuals then become local leaders to create appropriate attitudes for uncertainty and develop reasoning methods for judgment in uncertainty in their colleagues or subordinates. We help your organization take advantage of hidden strengths in reliability and identify behaviors and beliefs embedded in its culture that impede reaching High Reliability. In this way, the organization develops its own expertise in High Reliability using outcomes based learning.

Who can benefit from High Reliability coaching?
Any organization or individual who works in uncertain or risky environments can benefit from High Reliability. Organizations that desire to become stronger in an uncertain world will benefit from High Reliability Organizing. You may be new to HRO or are in the process of HRO implementation. Experts who have created High Reliability in their various organizations can help show how HRO can make individuals and organizations more resilient while working in uncertainty.

Why would one use a coaching model?
High Reliability results from mindful organizing which is characterized by specific organizing processes. These organizing processes are built up by specific behaviors and interactions. This specificity has to do with learning from mistakes, not simplification or reducing situations to only a few causes. Individuals must place operations into the core processes of the organization, develop resilience, and respect expertise. Mindful Organizing implies for most organizations, i.e. managers and professionals, a paradigm shift.

Class room teaching or paper guidelines will not be enough. The translation of Mindful Organizing into behavior and interaction should be done in real time, using concrete events and in the context of the learning actors. This requires coaching on the job in their own organizational context, mentoring based on trusted relations, in depth workshops using simulated situations.

The experts from Strategic Reliability all have the experience and the knowledge to offer these qualities. Unlike most other HRO experts they have transformed their ‘own’ organizations toward a higher level of Reliability. They can demonstrate Mindful Organizing by behavior and in interaction with learning actors. This makes us unique – we walk the talk and we talk the walk.

What are the benefits of High Reliability Organizing?
High Reliability refers to the philosophy of the organization and its routine performance. It derives from the behaviors and beliefs of the executives, managers and workforce. Thus, it is reflected in daily operations which can quickly realign for adaptability, agility, and resilience when circumstances change, work becomes dynamic or a threat to the organization appears. Any organization, from those that are highly successful to those that struggle, can benefit from High Reliability.

When should we learn High Reliability?
Any time is good. Some organizations learn High Reliability for a competitive edge by increasing productivity, some to improve safety in high risk environments, and some have experienced a crisis or catastrophe.

What industries do you work with?
We have colleagues in diverse industries we work with but have found the nature of the industry has less effect on High Reliability than the interpersonal and decision skills of the organization’s culture. There is great similarity between cultures of organizations that practice High Reliability, often more than with organizations in the same industry.

Do I even need High Reliability coaching?
We work with you as knowledgeable, impartial observers to identify hidden strengths and embedded beliefs and behaviors that may trap you organization during difficult periods. During slack or calm times behaviors that are counterproductive have the appearance of functioning, even functioning well if not in a critically important manner. When they fail, people are surprised and may question how they could have lasted so long in the organization.   

What service do you provide?
We work with your organization to help create the attitudes you believe would benefit your organization. Our experience is that the attitudes of unity, duty, respect, empathy, and perseverance are most likely to bring high reliability to the organization. We will also help you identify situational cognitive distortions and the means to mitigate them. We work with you in training staff to prevent the effects of threat responses at the brain-based level.

Do you offer workshops?
If you would like exposure to High Reliability we can develop workshops to meet your need. We draw upon academicians, organization specialists, and operators who have practiced High Reliability in difficult environments. Workshops can be 1-1 ½ days in length.

How can we develop a lessons learned center?
A Lessons Learned Center is the basis for creating a learning organization, one that seeks errors for the purpose of organizational improvement. The Center also identifies the commonality of errors normally lost between quality control areas, productivity, and safety. Combining these lessons will lead the organization toward resilience and High Reliability.

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